Rooms To Go Choose TD Retail Card Providers

Rooms Togo Chooses TD Retail Card Providers to Manage Private-Label Charge Card for 53 Shops in Three States

Underneath the contract, the Mahwah, N.J.-based business-unit N.A., of TD Bank, will direct all areas of this program for that 130- device stringis showrooms in north California metro Atlanta and Louisiana. TDRCS started helping the store in 10 check shops in September, overtaking the private-label charge card plan given by another supplier. The transformation to TDRCS was extended to additional places in phases over following weeks to achieve the present stage.

Headquartered Togo launched the idea of presentation and exhibiting furniture in space configurations that were total. The Business’s developers organize materials, each spaceis shades and components.

The Areas Togo charge card from TDRCS offer customers a complete selection of -as-money and pay applications that are equal.

Located in Mahwah, N.J., TD Retail Card Providers rates one of the biggest private-label credit card issuers in the country. A department of TD Bank, the organization, N.A. manages fresh charge card portfolios for packet and starts -and- list and mortar vendors, and receives stores’ current charge card portfolios. To find out more, visit with

About Areas to Suites & Rooms To go Kids

Rooms Togo is the biggest independent furniture business in America using the greatest furniture stock in the country. With over 130 places in 9 states, the organization provides fashionable furniture at unique space deals daily low costs, exceptional support and quick shipping. The store can also be the first choice in youngsters’ furniture through Areas Togo offers and Kids the largest variety of inspired space deals for teenagers and children within the Usa. To find out more about Areas visit pleases.

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